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The server is finally ready for everyone. Join us using the ip also, join our Discord!: I'll edit this post later, but for now, I've created a wiki that I've been working on for some time. You can check it out here:
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Read the moderation rules. Welcome to the team!
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Staff play a huge role in the server. They're the ones that help keep the chat controlled, help players who have problems, and punish those who break the rules of the server. Staff have different perks like warning, muting or even kicking, so it's important that those who have that role are prepared to have such control. Staff who deserve it will be made Moderators, who will have more control and perks. They will be decided in another way, and you can't apply for it. To apply for staff, please create a new topic with your name as the name for the topic, copy/paste this form and replace "[your answer here]" with your answer. Everyone is welcome to try, but if your application is rejected, you should not try again until 1 month later. Also, honesty is important. Don't lie thinking it will make you look better, because it will not.   Staff Application Form What's your Minecraft name? [your answer here] What's your Discord name? [your answer here] Do you have a microphone? [your answer here] How old are you? [your answer here] What languages do you speak? [your answer here] Have you ever worked as a staff member before for another server or game? [your answer here] Why do you want to become a staff member in SurvEX? What can you offer to the players? [your answer here] How many hours can you play per day? [your answer here] Why should you be chosen over another candidate? [your answer here]
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SurvEX is back as a Vanilla RPG server. SurvEX aims to provide an RPG experience to both RPG experts and people who are new to the genre. It does so by providing a simple yet exciting gameplay and tools to help you along the way.  (tl:dr at the bottom) For example, there are custom weapons and armor with abilities, but there's no mana or stamina. The only thing keeping you from using your abilities are cooldowns. Leveling up is really simple: Just kill stuff. Some items have a level requirement, but there are no classes, so you can use whatever weapon or armor you want at anytime. No more leveling different classes. There is no gem system to give you "+5 dexterity" or "+7 speed" or "+10 headache". You can upgrade your equipment simply by using stones, which will give your item a flat % armor or damage. Mobs will not be extremely complex or difficult. A skeleton will always shoot arrows, and a creeper will always explode. But to keep things interesting, there might be mobs that have special abilities: There might be a skeleton that shoots fire arrows, or a creeper that becomes invisible. But they will still be the same mobs you know and hate. There will also be events and tournaments where unique items will be given. These will not be available anywhere else, ever. Our Quality of Life commands will help you teleport, configure parties, check stats and other stuff easily. Of course, there's more interesting stuff to do like opening your own shop to sell items to other players, upgrading spawners up to 10x, custom arenas where you'll fight mobs and will be rewarded with items, etc. We also have creative, and soon skyblock. There's a ton of exciting stuff to come, so keep an eye out!. SurvEX is undergoing a closed beta right now, to make sure everything is ready for a public release. This beta should end in around 2-3 weeks. Both Discord and the website will be updated once the server is live. Hope to see you there!. TL;DR We got: Cool simple Survival RPG experience (as well as Creative and soon Skyblock). No mana or stamina (only cooldowns). No classes (you can use any weapon/armor you want). No gems or complex stuff to upgrade your items (only stones which give flat % armor/damage). Mobs might have special abilities but they're still the same as always. No creeper will shoot you magic flying blue fire. Events and tournaments with unique items that won't be available anywhere else, ever. Quality of Life commands to make your life easier. Other cool stuff like player shops, spawner upgrade system, custom arenas with rewards, etc. We're on beta right now, but both Discord and the website will be updated once the server is live. See you soon!
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