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What's your Minecraft name?   Captain_Azterix   What's your Discord name?   Capt.Azterix#4154   Do you have a microphone?   Yes   How old are you?   20   What languages do you speak?   English   Have you ever worked as a staff member before for another server or game?   No   Why do you want to become a staff member in SurvEX? What can you offer to the players?   I personally would like to become a staff member for this server because I personally would love to see it grow and develop and to be part of that growth. What I can bring is the ability to help new players familiarize themselves with the server and it’s rules and know when to use my powers as a staff member with more troublesome players.    How many hours can you play per day?   3 - 4 hours on weekdays, 9 - 10 on weekends   Why should you be chosen over another candidate?   I believe I should be chosen because I personally enjoy playing on the server and want to help it become a bigger and better server to play on
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