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Changelog #2 - The Adventurer's Guild Update
Started by Ithirul

Big news! We've added and fixed a ton of stuff to the server.

We've taken a big step in this update, and it will only get better!



- EliteMobs now has quests! Embark on a journey as you level up, progress in Guild level, defeat powerful mobs and buy custom items! We plan on adding a ton of custom items, so stay tuned for that!

- The Adventurer's Guild is now available! Use the portals in the spawn to get there (next to the survival portal). In the Adventurer's Guild, you can talk with different NPCs depending on what you want to do:

    • Talk to Gillian (the Guild Attendant) to upgrade your Guild rank. The better your Guild rank, the more loot and mobs will spawn (but also higher level!). You can always change your rank at anytime, so don't worry if it's too hard for you at first. Gillian is also used to get quests (for now only - Qel'Thuzad will do that in the future).
    • Talk to Greg (the Blacksmith) to buy procedural items - procedural items are items generated randomly based on a set of properties. That means that all items sold by Greg will be different and will have random enchantments. You can also sell your Elite loot to him.
    • Talk to Grog (the Special Blacksmith) to buy unique items - unique items are specifically created by the creator of the plugin - MagmaGuy - as well as us. Unique items will also have unique effects. You can also sell your Elite loot to him.
    • Talk to the Auctioneer to open the auction house. You can sell and buy items from other players here, as well as bid. Learn how to use the plugin here. Alternatively, you can use the command /ah to open the auction house anywhere.

- NPCs have been added! For now, they will walk around and give more "life" to the server. Soon they might talk to you, sell you items, or even attack you! There are a lot of possibilites, and we'd love to hear your feedback on this! What do YOU want them to do? Let us know here in the forums, or in Discord!.

Creative is finally open! After some fixes, it's ready. Show your creations to other players!

- The website shop has been fixed and now shows all the correct rewards you'll receive if you get a rank! You can see all the changes here.

- Added x2 rates for jobs on weekends, and x1.5 on monday to friday, from 16:00 to 20:00 UTC.


Minor changes / bugfixes:


- Fixed nether's spawn - PvP should be active in the correct place now.

- Removed mobs around the nether spawn - They were annoying and killing players before even getting down - that won't happen anymore.

- EliteMobs' item sale percentage increased 5% --> 75% - The selling price for the items was very low, upgrading guild level was too grindy.

- Fixed a bug where explosions would affect the survival spawn.

- Fixed EliteMobs merging - Mobs were being merged by being close to one another. Mob merging should be taken care of by another plugin     now.

- Removed the ability to spawn a Wither in creative plots.

- Added all types of wool to the shop.

- Removed achievements from chat - Congratulations on discovering iron, but we don't need to know lol.

- Item clear warning is a brighter color now - It looked as if something went horribly wrong. Brighter color is also easier to see.

- Shop's Iron quantity decreased 32 --> 16

- Shop's Gold quantity decreased 32 --> 16

- Shop's Redstone quantity decreased 64 --> 32

- Shop's Coal block quantity decreased 16 --> 1

- Shop's Iron sell price decreased 1024 --> 512

- Shop's Lapislazuli quantity increased 16 --> 32

- Shop's Nether Quartz quantity increased 16 --> 32

- Shop's Gold sell price increased 512 --> 1024


Thank you so much for your contiuous support. We will keep updating, adding new stuff and fixing bugs to the best of our abilities.

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