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Changelog #1
Started by Ithirul

Welcome to the first of many changelogs that are to come. Here we'll show you all the changes that have been made to the server so far. The objective is to have one each week, more or less. We want to show you we care about the server, and that we're making it better each day, and what would be better than showing you the actual changes made?


- Fixed shop spawners, which were only giving pig spawners.

- Added bat spawner.

- Added a rules section on the website. Check it out by clicking here.

- Added a tutorials section on the website. Check it out by clicking here.

- The nether is now available! The nether spawn doesn't have PvP. However, as soon as you leave it, PvP will be active.

- Changed the overworld border. 5k --> 15k

- Changed the nether border. 5k --> 15k

- Changed the spawners sell price. $1 --> $500k

- Changed obtainable spawners' prices:

       ·Zombie spawner $500k --> $300k

       ·Skeleton spawner $500k --> $300k

       ·Spider spawner $500k --> $250k

       ·Cave Spider spawner $500k --> $100k

       ·Blaze spawner $500k --> $400k


Thanks for reading, see you on the next changelog!

4 months agoLast edited: 4 months ago