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SurvEX is open!
Started by Ithirul


SurvEX opens its doors!


We're proud to announce that, after an exhaustive test and many hours of working, we're ready to open our beta test, where anyone can join us and play!.

There might be bugs and errors. If you find them, please report them to us through Discord, Twitter or email at

Abusing bugs will not be tolerated even if this is a beta test.

Also, you'll be rewarded if you report them!.

Remember that you can get a free rank just by playing with us. All you have to do is go to our shop by clicking here. Just choose the featured package, and click on redeem for free. That's all!

We will be fixing things and expanding as we progress. Remember that this server is not for us, it's for you. We want players to shape the server the way they want. You'll be the ones playing after all!.

We would love for you to be part of this journey. Many great things are to come, so stay with us to see where we'll go!

To see a list of plugins and their usage, click here.

You can also get rewards for voting for our server! click here to learn how.


Server IP:

Thanks again, we'll see you on the server!.

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