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1.14.4 is finally here!
Started by Ithirul

After a long, long, looooong wait, and a shameful amount of sweat, we can proudly announce that the server has been updated to 1.14.4!

You will be able to join with any 1.14.X client. Even with 1.13.X! Although we can't recommend it, unless you want your crossbows to become stone.

We haven't just updated to 1.14, we have updated a ton of stuff!:

No more walls of text explaining the rules and how to play. Now we've got custom commands! use /help to get started.

Goodbye old ugly spawn, hello new spawn! (also for survival and nether!).

We now have a dynmap! Dynmap is a web-based real time map of our server. You can check it out by clickin on the Dynmap icon in the navigation bar. You can also get a link to it by saying "!dynmap" on discord. Our bot will give you the link!.

Talking about discord, you might see in chat sometimes people who have a | D | at the start of their name. This indicates the message is being sent through Discord. Yep, we now have cross-chat between Discord and Minecraft!.

We also have polls on Discord now! Want to help the server change? Your opinion matters! Simply join us and vote on the polls.

The shop is being re-worked. We want a thriving, player-based market. Admin shop will still be around to buy and sell basic items like stone, dirt, enemy drops, etc. There will be a zone for players to build their own shops and sell items to other players, as well as the /auctionhouse which is already available.

More plugins! We're almost at 80 plugins now. After rigurous testing and configuring we're proud to say the server runs smoothly with all of them.

Custom particle effects, night skip voting and linking items in chat are only some of the new ones. Come and take a look!.

This doesn't mean we're gonna stop here. More changes are coming in the future. Our first priority will be Quality of Life plugins (those that make your life easier) and reworking ranks. Now, don't panic, this doesn't mean you're going to lose your rank or perks. Some might be slightly changed to balance everything more, but most importantly, we're adding stuff to every single rank. We'll keep you updated on this.

For now, this is everything. But we will have more news soon.

If you want to know the latest news, join us on discord! We'll welcome you with open arms.

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