Food Overhaul
Started by Ithirul

Hey guys,

today I'm going to be showing a different kind of update from the ones done before.

Simplified, the current food system makes food use "skills" that I've made to heal (that's why you just right click once and you don't need to wait for the vanilla eat animation), which also gives room for more customized stuff such as healing 50 health instantly and then 100 health more over 15 seconds (so 6.6HP regen per second during 15 seconds). However, this system has proven to be too complicated, not "configuration friendly" (changing stats is chaos), and has shown a couple of different and strange bugs that can only be replicated on random occasions. Due to all this, I've decided that it's better to have less customization, but a more robust system in place, that can be replaced in the future, would that be necessary.

So, how does this new system work?
· Food doesn't have cooldowns anymore - You can eat as much as you want as long as you're hungry, just like in vanilla.
· Food isn't considered a skill anymore - That means that cooldown reduction won't work on food.
· Food that healed a percentage of your health and/or healed overtime has been buffed, and have had these regenerations removed - I'm still trying to find a way to get these things into the system, however as of right now, having a simple healing factor should be more than enough.
· You won't regen health while in-combat anymore - Making food a lot more important than before.
· When your hunger bar is depleted, you'll get the damage animation. However, the damage that it does is insignificant compared to the health regeneration that you get, even in level 1. said that, you won't be able to run after you have less than 3 drumsticks of food, just like in vanilla.

· Vanilla animations are back. When eating, you'll have to go through the entire animation in order to eat it.
· Due to all these changes, hunger has been activated again.
This update should be deployed on the server in the next 48h.
Thanks you so much for your continuous support. I'll keep working to make this server better.

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