SurvEX is BACK! v2
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- First of all, the server has updated to 1.16, and the Nether has been reset to generate the new biomes. Of course, all the new mobs have also been added.

T5 Sets released!. Heal your allies with Angelo's Set, or use your minions to cause chaos with Umbri's Set.

- After a long time, custom food is now available - It replaces normal food, so you don't have to do anything to "get" it. Plant it, buy it, trade it... just like you would with normal food. You can see the stats of each item by hovering over them. Took a bit to get support for these items for the shop and auction, but they all work correctly now. Still, let me know if you find any bugs.

Weapons and armor can now be upgraded. Each upgrade will give a small boost to every trait that your equipment has (it will not add new ones). Upgrading is capped at +9. To upgrade your equipment you have to use sharp / dense stones (sharp = weapons, dense = armor), found by simply killing mobs (will also be added to Mystery Boxes). Stones have 3 tiers: 3, 6 and 9. Stones of rank 3 can be used on equipment of tier 0 to 3, tier 6 can be used on all equipment tiers up to 6, and so on. Stones have more chance to drop from mobs of their same tier level (for example, stones of tier 3 have the highest probability of dropping from lvl 30 mobs). After reaching their highest, they won't drop anymore, and the next tier stone will start dropping instead (so lvl 30 mobs will have a high chance to drop tier 3 stones, while lvl 31 mobs only have a small chance to drop tier 6 stones, and none of tier 3).

Weapons and armor now have correct durability - Main weapon and armor sets have roughly 5x durability as random equipment from their same tier. Before this, your armor would break after a couple hits from a high level mob, even if your equipment was suited to fight in those levels. This has since been fixed, although I'll have to wait for players to play a bit to see if I need to balance it.

- You can now craft armor and weapons; however, they will not have special stats or anything other than more health or damage to compensate for the lack of stats, but other than that they wont' be very strong. However, netherite armor and sword won't be available for crafting for now, but tools are.

- Randomly generated weapons that are two-handed now have higher base damage (around 25% more), a higher critical strike damage (around 30% more) and higher additional experience (~2% --> ~25%) than 1-handed weapons so that they have a reason to be used in the first place.

- There is no hunger anymore - Since it gave many headaches and problems with the new food system, your hunger bar will always be maxed out. However, you can still use food by right clicking. Instead of the vanilla "wait until your hunger bar isn't full", each item will have its own cooldown. Better items will have longer cooldowns. You also have a passive health regeneration skill that levels up with your main level, so the higher your level, the bigger your health regen. This regeneration works while in combat too. I'm still working on balancing this, so please let me know your thoughts.

- Due to the food change, Zane's set has become obsolete. Zane's set was based on getting health back by constantly eating, which meant that now its main "bonus" was active all the time. I've tried nerfing it, but it just wasn't going to be interesting enough, so I've decided to discard it. Due to this, a new set has been made to replace Zane's set. F in chat for Zane. You probably won't be remembered.

Ignis' Set will replace Zane, and is now the new main Tier 2 set. Its main theme is fire. This is the first two-handed weapon included in a main tier, but its stats will make up for it. Elemental damage, additional experience and a low-cooldown skill will prove to be useful even in higher tiers when used with other equipment.

Using food is considered a "skill" - That means that having equipment with cooldown reduction will reduce the cooldown of food.

- Arenas are almost ready. The plugin isn't quite ready for 1.16 yet, and I'm still working on the rewards and how to link it to survival so that both worlds benefit from eachother, without breaking anything while also giving players a reason to play in the arenas other than just killing mobs for exp. However, the main configuration and mechanics have already been set, so it's a matter of polishing these last details and waiting for a full update to 1.16, so it shouldn't take too long.

- Since Tier 5 has been released, the world has been expanded to 6k x 6k. The new mob level and player level cap is 60.

- The website will stay in maintenance for a bit while I change some internal stuff.

- Nerfed T3 weapons and armors (except Kei's set).

- Optimized a bit all mobs'code.

- First attempt at fixing drop rates so more things drop (we'll see how it goes).

- Fixed bugs such as cooldown reduction not showing up in lore, weapons dealing less damage than what they should, etc.

- First test at trying to fix low mob spawn per player - some new options have been released, and hopefully they help preventing both very low and/or very high amounts of mobs per player.
From the testing I've done it seems that this is fixed and everyone should now feel "vanilla rates" when it comes to mobs, as if you were playing in singleplayer. However I'm going to need more people on the server to test this.

- Creepers will be the only mob that gives 2x exp for killing them - So multiply their level by 2 and you'll know how much xp they will drop.

- Voting has been reconfigured from scratch, and should now work correctly by giving a link to the website. I'm now saving all the votes in a MySQL database, so vote loses shouldn't happen.

- Added a Mystery Crate to spawn. This crate can be opened with a Mystery Crate Key, which you can get in two ways: By buying them on the store, or voting.

For the first time you vote (this should be for everyone) you will get $5k, and 1 Mystery Crate Key.
You can keep voting on all sites to receive $1k per vote, and after voting on all 9 sites you'll receive a bonus $1k and a Mystery Crate Key. This "all sites bonus" can be done every day, as long as you vote on every site.
You'll also receive an extra key after voting 90 times, so in 1 week of voting you can get up to 8 keys.
You can left click the crate to see what it contains, and which rarities the items are. You can also use the command /crates to open a GUI, so you don't have to go to spawn to open them.
It is strictly forbidden to sell keys to other players. Doing so will get both players a warning. If you're caught doing it again, there won't be a second warning. Use the gifting option in the shop if you want to give them keys.
There are 3 things you'll find in this crate: Pets, Particle effects, and Particle styles.

Pets are mobs that will follow you around. They have no hitbox, and will not be attacked. They won't attack either.
Most of them have different options (such as "baby" for the zombie pet, or "rainbow" for the sheep pet) which you can toggle on and off by clicking on the top right of the GUI, which can be accessed with the command /pet.
You will also find Particle Effects and Particle Styles.

Particle Effects are exactly that, different particles that you can equip, such as flame, hearts, rain, etc.
On the other hand, Particle Styles define how do those particles act. Do they appear on your feet, or around you, or only when you mine a block? That's what Particle Styles are for. You can access the GUI menu for both effects and styles by doing the command /pp.
Note that these particles will be disabled when entering combat (unless they are used in combat such as the styles "sword", "arrow", "hurt", etc).

Explosions have been enabled again.
Creepers will NOT destroy blocks anywhere, not even in your claim (to prevent "accidents" such as "friends" using "friendly mobs" to "politely" enter your claim).
TNT, however, now works in claims. After placing a block of TNT, A popup will ask you to write /ClaimExplosions to activate them in your claim. You can enable protections again by using the same command.

- And many, many small changes, balances, optimizations, improvements and bugfixes to even list them here.

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