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Ithirul Ithirul2 months ago
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After a long, long, looooong wait, and a shameful amount of sweat, we can proudly announce that the server has been updated to 1.14.4!

You will be able to join with any 1.14.X client. Even with 1.13.X! Although we can't recommend it, unless you want your crossbows to become stone.

We haven't just updated to 1.14, we have updated a ton of stuff!:

No more walls of text explaining the rules and how to play. Now we've got custom commands! use /help to get started.

Ithirul Ithirul4 months ago
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Times change, and so must we. Moving to 1.14 has proven to be very difficult: Plugins that aren't updated, corrupted worlds, broken mechanics...

All that is finally over.

We've finally moved the almost 80 plugins now on the server to 1.14. It has been a lot of work, but it has paid off. There are a lot of open doors for us now: Dungeons, minigames, pets, custom particles, duels, new rankup system, custom items...the list is endless.

Ithirul Ithirul4 months ago
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Big news! We've added and fixed a ton of stuff to the server.

We've taken a big step in this update, and it will only get better!



- EliteMob...

Ithirul Ithirul4 months ago
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Welcome to the first of many changelogs that are to come. Here we'll show you all the changes that have been made to the server so far. The objective is to have one each week, more or less. We want to show you we care about the server, and that we're making it better each day, and what would be better than showing you the actual changes made?


- Fixed shop spawners, which were only giving pig spawners.

- Added b...

Ithirul Ithirul4 months ago
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SurvEX opens its doors!


We're proud to announce that, after an exhaustive test and many hours of working, we're ready to open our beta test, where anyone can join us and play!.

There might be bugs and errors. If you find them, please report them to us through